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Hearthstonen tulevan patchin muutokset

Hearthstonen seuraavaa balanssipäivitystä odotetaan tulevaksi tällä viikolla. Sen sisältö on kuitenkin jo julkaistu Blizzardin foorumeilla.

Standardin puolelle on tulossa muutamia nerffejä ja Battlegroundsin puolelle buffeja. Onko se Battlegrounds nyt sitten hyvä? Pitäisikö sitä kokeilla?

Alla koko patch notet sellaisenaan niitä kaipaaville:


Fiendish Rites : Mana cost increased from (3) to (4).


Scion of Ruin : Mana cost increased from (3) to (4) .Ancharrr : Durability reduced from (3) to (2) .


Dragon’s Pack : Now reads, “…If you’ve Invoked twice, give them +2/+2 .” (reduced from +3/+3).Invocation of Frost : Mana cost increased from (1) to (2).


Necrium Apothecary : Mana cost increased from (4) to (5).


Dragonqueen Alexstrasza: Battlecry effect can no longer generate Dragonqueen Alexstrasza.

*Once the update is live, adjusted cards will be eligible for a full Arcane Dust refund for two weeks.


This update includes several adjustments and gets more Heroes brawling in Bob’s Tavern than ever before! Further Battlegrounds balance changes are coming very soon, in addition to the exciting new content we have in the pipeline… we’ll have more to share in the near future!



Burbling: Cost reduced from (2) to (1) .

Queen Wagtoggle

Wax Warband : Give a random friendly Mech, Demon, Murloc and Beast +2 Attack . (instead of +1 Health)

Infinite Toki

Temporal Tavern : Cost reduced from (2) to (1) . Now reads, “Refresh Bob’s Tavern. Include a Minion from a higher Tavern Tier.”

Patches the Pirate

Has returned to the Battlegrounds Hero Pool.

Fire the Cannons! : At the start of next combat, deal 4 damage to two random enemy minions. (increased from 3 damage)


Has returned to the Battlegrounds Hero Pool.

Brick by Brick : Give a random friendly minion +3 Health . (increased from +2 Health)


Golden Soul Juggler

After a friendly Demon dies, deal 3 damage to a random enemy minion twice . (instead of 6 damage once)

Bug Fixes and Game Improvements

Battlegrounds : Selfless Hero’s Deathrattle will now only affect minions that do not already have Divine Shield.

Arena : The appearance rate of cards in the draft has been updated to ensure class balance remains close to the ideal 50% win-rate. Specifically, the win-rate of Druid, Hunter, and Paladin should now be decreased. The win-rate of Priest, Rogue, Shaman and Warlock should now be increased. Card appearance rates for Mage and Warrior remain untouched.


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